California Aerial Images can provide photographic service to assist in documenting construction sites to monitor and report on progress and site status for clients, investors and buyers.


Whether You're A Real Estate Listing Agent or an Owner looking to buy, sell or even VRBO, our HD Aerial imaging can help make an impact in your marketing and image by adding interest and value.


  • We can provide video and still imagery for routine inspections, or investigate a rooftop on request.

  • Fast response times, and emergency call outs - 7 days a week!

  • Close-up video from a skilled sUAS pilot, can be delivered either on a physical memory device or via the internet

  • The sUAS multi-rotor aerial platform eliminates the potential for damage caused by walking on sensitive roofing surfaces.

  • The sUAS system with a 4k camera can track, document and monitor your aging roof or canopy for trouble such as defects, cracks, leaks, decay, and water pooling.

  • The sUAS can record video and photograph the gutters, drains, downspouts and vents for proper water drainage.



California Aerial Images also offers services to golf courses and clubs who would like to showcase their property and fairways from the air.

  • We offer high-resolution images and/or HD aerial videos of the entire course, or an elevated view of each tee and features of the course.

  • Extended flying time allows our aerial platforms to remain aloft for coverage over longer periods of time.

Aerial Services




California Aerial Images can provide production footage, stills and B-roll video to integrate into your marketing and advertising projects.  Aerial imagery, both indoors and outdoors, produces dramatic results that can help bring in more customers and we can often provide not only Aerial imagery but also ground stills and video.

Emergency Response - Law Enforcement

California Aerial Images can provide air surveillance video and still imagery in direct support of emergency responders and law enforcement.  This can be a valuable tool in post-mortem assessments of personnel/vehicle positioning,  perimeter setup, crowd control and crime scene investigations.

Event Imaging - Video or Stills

With 4k video resolution for incredibly high quality and frame rates as high as 14 images per second, we can provide video coverage of many sporting events from creative angles!