About Us

California Aerial Images is a locally owned and operated company.  Employing the use of a variety of technology, we offer safe and professional UAS services to the general public, corporations and government services designed to be used under a wide spectrum of applications.


We use a fleet of the latest and safest, state of the art, UAS muli-rotor equipment from one of the leading manufacturers of Aerial platforms in the world.


Our Product of Choice

Our primary product of choice at this time is built by DJI.  These state of the art unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) employ multi-rotor technology and are designed to fly in much the same manner as conventional helicopters. They ascend and descend vertically and hover flawlessly. In the hands of a skilled operator, our sUAS fly in and around tight spaces quite well. They can carry payload cameras that rival some of the best DSLRs and because of their versatility, in most applications, they can capture  better and more interesting and effective imagery.

We harness this technology in a safe and responsible manner with our operators being FAA Part 107 certified.  To reach this pilot status, operators must complete an in-depth program requiring a serious investment of time and effort. From the hours in classroom study, to the training and actual testing process, a Part 107 certification results in a high level of knowledge and SAFE sUAS pilots.


About our sUAS Chief Pilot

Curt Lerner is one of the partners and is also our Chief Pilot.  He's held his FAA Pilot rating for over 35 years and also holds a Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate.  In addition to aeronautical credentials, Curt also holds a Bachelors degree in Electronic Engineering.


He's logged hundreds of hours in the air and well over 1000 study hours on the ground in both Pilot and Remote Pilot subjects.  In addition, he spent several months in training at the FAA Air Traffic Control Training Center in Oklahoma City where he gained extensive knowledge of Air Traffic processes which increases knowledge and safety for our company and it's own internal procedures! 




In addition to expertise in the air, Curt and his business partner Steve are also long-time photographers.  Examples of their work have appeared in and on various local news media sources.  Combined, they also are regular contributors to a variety of industry-specific websites. 


Safety and Privacy


We are proactive in our communities and strongly promote and advocate safe sUAV flight practices.


We encourage the ongoing work of various groups along with the FAA and local government bodies to improve sUAS oversight. We also ensure that our company's operational procedures adhere to strict federal government regulations.