Construction and Site Monitoring

Reduce cost, improve quality


For locations involving ongoing and/or phased construction  development, California Aerial Images is able to provide both still and video imagining. Based on your specific needs, we can provide a single use or periodic assessment  to assist in monitoring the progress and job site status.

How Does It Work?

Equipped with the required safety gear and aerial platform imaging equipment, a CAI imaging crew will visit your site. After assessing the location, our pilots  will perform an aerial  survey based on your specifications. We take great care to insure that coverage includes fly-overs of specific sections or the entire job site from a variety of angles and altitudes.

  • Most work is performed at a specified time interval.

  • Our work will not interfere with on-site work or equipment.

  • Image and/or video files will be provided within a day or two which can be used for promotions, marketing/advertising and insurance assessments.

California Aerial Imaging only uses FAA Part 107-certified pilots. Industry-standard safety protocols are always maintained and our electric multi-rotor aerial imagining platforms  are safe,  efficient and provide incredible detail in both imagery as well as video.

Learn more about California Aerial Images platform systems for work zone and job site surveying.