Today, the latest marketing weapon in real estate is the use of dramatic aerial drone photography/videography. Our pilots can produce dramatic sweeping shots of landscapes, ocean views and mountain vistas while seamlessly imaging gorgeous home interiors and exteriors.

Combining both still and video platforms in your sales presentation can produce a flowing whole house motion tour in ultra HD that can rival a Hollywood movie.

Customer service, safety and security are top priorities at California Aerial Images. We are fully insured and highly experienced UAV operators who are committed to being environmentally conscience. Our sUAV platforms produce zero emissions and emit a low noise frequency. 

We are committed to always being cognizant of our working  surroundings and make every effort to operate with a heightened sense of awareness. 

Often, photographic data can be difficult to properly capture in sensitive or difficult-to-reach areas. Personnel, equipment, natural obstacles and environmental factors can  limit the ability to aquire effective images, But with  precision aerial platforms, our pilots can perform the task  efficiently, safely, and at a lower economic cost than  conventional aviation methods.  Whether it's a simple monitoring of a construction project, an agricultural survey or providing images for sales presentations and marketing, we can provide a service that meets your specific needs.

Delivery of media can be in a variety of file types based on your specifications or we can finalize it for you. Our team is efficient, mobile and adaptable to any job.

Environmentally Conscious

Real Estate Imagery created from

Exciting perspectives

High quality videos created combining

Aerial, Land, and Still imagery 


Stock Imagery

Need images for your new marketing plan?  Refreshing an office?  Staging a home?

Cal Aerial can provide iconic local images from the air or ground and even arrange for printing on a variety of large and small-scale media!

Production Video

We can provide raw or edited video for your marketing plan...  Or are you in to outdoor sports and want fresh new video from a more extreme angle?  We can do it!!!