Using state-of-the-art aerial platforms, California Aerial Images can showcase your listings and exclusive properties from a whole new perspective. Aerial photography and videography can help display the unique aspects of property views, size, attributes and location. Conventional land-based images just cannot compete with aerial imagery for the impact with clients.

Aerial photography and videography are the new standard for real estate marketing.

From breathtaking aerial views to beautiful interior tours, the team at California

Aerial Images is ready to create a seamless promotional package .


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Please see our list of General Pricing below. These prices can vary (up or down) depending upon the complexity, length and equipment needed to generate the final product.

Please call to discuss your specific needs for your video and our pricing structure. Note that production involves many aspects and variables that can affect pricing. 

Real Estate Imaging

  • Agent voice-over (if desired)

  • 1-2 minute over-all length

  • Original background music score

Production Features

Real Estate Listing Video

Real Estate Listing Video

with UAV aerial footage

  • Agent Featured (if desired)

  • 1-2 minute over-all length

  • Both surface and aerial features

  • Includes a complimentary aerial still image

  • Original background music score

Unedited RAW aerial footage

(ready for post-production work)

  • unedited video footage ready for post-production edits

Aerial or Handheld Still Photos

  • Fully edited and ready-to-publish images

Cal Aerial Complete

Media pkg

  • 1-2 Minute video incl aerial footage

  • 12-15 Still images incl aerial

  • Agent voice-over (if desired)

  • Original background music score

Example Services